Bring on the Wall!

  • Touch sensitive holds with interactive signs and sounds
  • Games for individuals or teams of up to six people at a time
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • 2 hr set up time
  • Instructor operated or can be self-managed
  • Fun, unique, innovative and exciting experience!
  • Only one of its kind in the country!


The DigiWall is a unique fusion of low-level traverse climbing wall and game console.  With touch-sensitive climbing holds, cool lights and sounds and six interactive games to play with three diffulculty levels to choose from, the DigiWall can be enjoyed time and again by individuals, groups or teams. It is suitable for all ages and abilities with games and challanges able to be modified to suit different levels, and did we mention, it’s the only one of its kind in the country so you can’t hire a Mobile DigiWall anywhere else!

It can be used as a fun way to get kids active and is a fantastic addition for schools to incorporate into PE and sports lessons or after school clubs. It’s a great attraction to be used for team building at corporate events. It also works equally well in venues such as shopping centres, theme parks & play centres or in exhibitions and trade shows. We can provide instructors or can show you how to operate the the wall yourself if you prefer, on several occasions the DigiWall has been left for the public to play on without assistance.

Available for hire from single day hire to multiple weeks, the DigiWall is a stand out attraction at events and venues whatever, whenever and wherever the occasion! It offers something completely different and unique for your private or public social event.


DigiWall Games:

Put Out All game

Follow The Leader game

Scrambled Egg game

Balloons game

Catch The Grip game

Sound Memory game


For a Quote or to Book, or for all enquiries, please Contact Us or you can call us on 0845 375 32856 or email info@eventhigher.co.uk with your event details.


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