Mobile Cave

Experience Subterranean Adventure!

  • Over 30 metres of tunnels
  • 4 activity chambers
  • Up to 12 people can cave at a time (capacity of 80 people per hour)
  • Various challenges, games and activities
  • 10 minute set up time
  • Instructor operated or can be self-managed
  • All equipment included (helmets, torches & pads)
  • Suitable for ages 4yrs+
  • Educational, inspirational and exciting experience!

With a series of realistic tunnels and exciting activity chambers, our Mobile Caving System offers a quick and easy way to bring the inspiring, challenging experience of caving to venues all over the UK.

Our Cave is fully mobile and can go just about anywhere as long as the ground is flat and stable. It is equally suited to both indoors or outside use (access and site specifications permitting).

We understand dark, tight spaces aren’t for everyone so there’s safety hatches every 2.5m to get you out easily should the need arise. All kit & equipment comes included with a Gazebo to store it all, plus a bank of CCTV screens so you can view live footage of other participants whilst inside the cave!

With its realistic geological features the cave is great for schools and educational purposes, it can just be used as a fun way to get kids active or for schools to incorporate into lessons. It’s a great attraction to be used for team building at corporate events. It also works equally well in venues such as shopping centres, theme parks & play centres or in exhibitions and trade shows. We can provide instructors or can show you how to operate the cave yourself if you prefer to self manage.

Available for hire from single day hire to multiple weeks, our Mobile Cave is a memorable attraction at events and venues whatever, whenever and wherever the occasion! It offers something completely different and unique for your private or public social event.


For a Quote or to Book, or for all enquiries, please Contact Us or you can call us on 0845 375 32856 or email with your event details.


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